Traeger vs Green Mountain: A Comparison of Two Popular Pellet Grills

Grilling at home can bring joy to anyone who loves to host parties for family and friends. However, it can also be frustrating, especially if you do not have the right pellet grill. With this, the key is to find a product with features that will give you complete control and make sure that the anticipated outcomes will be achieved.

To help you make the right decision, this Traeger vs Green Mountain post will explore two of the brands worth considering. More so, we will also identify two specific models that will make good picks. By the end of the article, it should be easier for you to choose the right product that suits your needs and preferences.

Grilling Area

cooking areThis will refer to the amount of space that is available for cooking. If the grill has a large cooking area, this means that it will also be big, and hence, will consume a lot of space wherever it is placed, such as in the patio or garden.

To determine the size that is suitable for your needs, think about how much food do you have to grill or smoke most of the time. Also, if you have a large family and group of friends, this can also be an indication that you have to choose a larger grill.

One of the good things about Traeger is that they have a wide selection of grills, which means that there is something for everyone. They have the Renegade Elite Series, which are their smallest grills. The largest ones, meanwhile, can cook up to six turkeys at a time, which has a cooking capacity of 1,300 square inches.

With Green Mountain, on the other hand, their smallest grills have a cooking area of 458 square inches. On the other hand, their largest has a cooking area of 3,000 square inches, which include both the primary and secondary cooking areas.

In sum, from the two, it is apparent that Green Mountain Grill comes with a larger cooking area.


construction areaIn evaluating the choices for the best wood pellet grill, you also have to consider the overall construction. The materials used are important because they will have an impact on the durability and performance of the grill. It should be made from materials that are not only long-lasting, but able to regulate temperature to keep the heat trapped for faster grilling.

Painted steel is the common material that is used in Traeger grills. There are also models from Green Mountain using such material, but they have upgraded some to stainless steel, which is better in terms of durability.

Looking at the models from the two brands, while many are similar in terms of the materials that are used, I would say that Green Mountain is better in terms of its overall construction.

Temperature Range

thermometer It is also important that you take time to evaluate the temperature range that can be offered by the grill. It is better if the range is wide, which means that you can have the freedom to choose the highest setting based on what is required by your recipe.

In the case of most Traeger grills, the maximum temperature setting is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a minimum and maximum setting that can be conveniently chosen. On the other hand, the Green Mountain Grill has a maximum temperature setting of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Between the two, I would say that Green Mountain is the better option when it comes to temperature range as its highest is 500 degrees. However, this should not matter much since in most instances, the maximum temperature is 275 degrees Fahrenheit for barbeques.


Looking for a grill also entails the need to look at how you will control its different functions. It should be user-friendly, and hence, controlling it must be effortless. Most will have a dial that you can adjust based on the temperature that is desired. They also have advanced sensors that will allow heat to adjust automatically based on the temperature that is detected.

Both the Traeger and Green Mountain Grills have exceptional control. The cheaper models have a dial and the higher-end models have more intelligent controls. They also have a digital display, which will make it easy to monitor the progress of grilling. You will know the actual temperature to keep track of its functions.

Another thing that is great with the two brands is that they offer options for mobile control. You can use your smartphone to download a compatible mobile application and use it to adjust the temperature and other functions. You can use your phone as a remote, which will make using the grill more convenient.


Choose a grill that will perform great when it comes to mobility, which means that you will be able to take it anywhere you are going. Whether you will go camping or tailgating, it should be portable enough to be carried with you where it is to be used.

The two brands are also quite the same when it comes to the mobility that they can offer. Most of their models have wheels, which will allow you to move it to a different location with relative ease. Some have wheels only on one side, while others have four wheels.

Both of the brands also have models that are portable and foldable. Traeger has a tabletop grill. Green Mountain, on the other hand, has a foldable grill. In the case of the latter, the legs convert into a handle when it is folded.


Similar to purchasing other products, you also have to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer since it will provide you with peace of mind. If the grill becomes defective within the warranty period, the manufacturer will have it repaired for free or provide a replacement to the defective parts, as long as you follow the terms and conditions that have been specified.

Traeger grills come with a three-year warranty, which is quite short. Green Mountain, on the other hand, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, although such is not present in all models.

A Look at Two Models

At this point, we will review two of the most popular models from the two brands, which should make it easier for you to decide which one will be worth your money. These brands have a number of models under their name, but we will focus only on the two products below.

NameTraeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Wood Pellet GrillGreen Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill
COOKING AREA 300 square inches 219 square inches
MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE SETTING450 degrees Fahrenheit 500 degrees Fahrenheit
WEIGHT 60 pounds 68 pounds
DIMENSIONS 36 x 39 x18 inches 20.9 x 32.1 x 16.5 inches

Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Wood Pellet Grill

Traeger grill


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If you are looking for a grill that can prove to be perfect for small households, this is one option that should be on the top of your list. It is also portable enough to be brought at tailgating and camping. It has wheels on the side, which will make it easy for you to have it moved around.

From the two models that we are comparing in this post, this is the one with a larger cooking area, which is 300 square inches to be specific. This can be enough for cooking two chickens, three rib racks, or 12 burgers.

In terms of convenience and ease of use, it comes with an electronic auto start ignition, which means that all it takes is a push of a single button before the grill starts. There is also a Digital Elite Controller, which is common in Traeger grills. It has a knob that will allow you to set the temperature to a maximum of 450 degrees.

Another thing that I love about this product is how great it is when it comes to durability. It is made of materials that are known for their ability to withstand wear and tear, making sure that they will retain their peak condition through the years. It is made of powerful steel and is powder coated for added durability. There is also a non-stick porcelain grill that is effortless to clean.

If you are looking for an option that can prove to be great in terms of versatility, this will also be great. It can be used not only for grilling, but also for smoking, barbequing, braising, baking, and roasting. It is an investment that is sure to be worth your money given the many things that it can do.

Green Mountain Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Green mountain grill


Between the two products that we are comparing in this post, this is the one with the cheaper price, making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

It does not have wheels, but this is what I would recommend if portability is what you are looking for. It has a foldable design and it is space-efficient. You can easily bring it with you in your outdoor adventures. The legs convert into an ergonomic handle when the grill is folded.

Because this is more portable, it is also a given that the cooking area is quite small. If you have a small family, this will be more than enough. To be specific, the cooking area is 219 square inches. This can be enough for two ribs or up to six steaks.

Instead of a knob, there are color-coded buttons that will allow you to turn it on and off, as well as adjust the temperature. You can set the temperature to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit at increments of 5 degrees. There is also a meat probe that is included to make it easy to monitor the temperature.

One thing that makes this unique from the Traeger grill mentioned above is that you can use your smartphone to control its functions. It has a digital Wi-Fi controller, which makes it an advanced option for a pellet grill.

Similar to the model of the Traeger grill that has been mentioned above, there is also an exceptional grease management system. There is a bucket under the grill, which is the one responsible for catching the drips to avoid a mess in the grilling area.

In terms of the overall construction of the grill, this specific model is less durable compared to the Traeger model mentioned above. Nonetheless, Green Mountain has a selection of more expensive and durable grills that you can consider as an alternative.


In this Traeger vs Green Mountain comparison post, we have compared two of the most popular brands and the discussions above can be summarized as follows:

  • Both of the brands have a wide range of models to suit different needs. However, Green Mountain has a larger grill, which is almost twice the cooking capacity of the largest you can find at Traeger.
  • In terms of construction, the materials used are almost similar, but Green Mountain seems to be the better choice when it comes to durability.
  • Green Mountain has a higher temperature range, which can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Green Mountain and Traeger grills both have exceptional controls and bright display. They have models that can also be controlled with the use of a smartphone.
  • These two brands also offer mobility. They have wheeled grills and also ones that are foldable so that you can carry them anywhere you want to grill.
  • When it comes to warranty, there are models from Green Mountain with a lifetime warranty while with Traeger, the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer is only three years.

At the end of the day, deciding which brand to choose is all a matter of personal decision. They have their own set of pros and cons. Both brands are highly-rated and well-received, which goes to show that you won’t have regrets.

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