Know the Difference Between Mobile Home Water Heater and Regular Water Heater

When looking for a new water heater, you will be confronted with tons of choices, each promising to be the best that you will find in the market. Many manufacturers will resort to aggressive marketing, and even false claims, just to convince buyers that they are the best. Do not be fooled by what they are saying. You should do your research to come up with the right choice.

Among others, one of the first things that require your attention would be the type of heater that you will purchase. That being said, it is important that you are familiar with the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater. If you think that the two are the same, you might want to keep on reading and learn how they are actually different from one another.Difference Between Mobile Home Water Heater and Regular Water Heater

What Are Mobile Homes?

Before we discuss the key differences between the two types of heaters, let us first have a look at what is a mobile home, which will make it easier for you to understand why the heater used in such is different from a regular one.

Also known as a manufactured home, it refers to a compact living space that is designed specifically for people who are on the move. Traditionally, they are trailers. In the 1970s, in the United States, the National Manufacturing Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974 has been established. Here came the standards for manufactured homes.

Mobile and manufactured homes have their own set of standards, which were laid down by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Among others, one of the rules states that only HUD-approved water heaters will be used. Therefore, the regular water heaters that you have at home may not be suitable for a mobile home.

What Are The Differences?

Generally speaking, there are three main things that make a mobile home water heater different from a regular water heater:

  • In the case of a mobile home water heater, the propane and gas orifices are interchangeable. This is one thing that contributes to the higher costs. This feature, however, is important for the purpose of being able to use whatever supply of power is available, whether it is propane or natural gas.
  • With mobile home water heaters, you can see a cold water inlet connection on the side. Meanwhile, the hot water inlet connection is positioned on the top. This is as opposed to regular water heaters wherein all of the connections are found on the top of the tank.
  • A securing strap kit is also present when you purchase a mobile home water heater, but not with a regular water heater. The strap is meant to make the installation easier.

Keep in mind that the plumbing in mobile homes is different from regular homes, which is also exactly the reason why they have varying requirements when it comes to a water heater. Those that are designed for mobile homes are generally more complicated in terms of installation. More so, they are also generally more expensive when compared to regular home heaters.

Regardless of the type of heater that you choose, make sure that it will be reflective of the top-notch quality and it satisfies fire safety standards, which will make you confident of its use.

Which One Should You Buy?

It depends – this is the straightforward answer. Before buying a home heater, think first if it is going to be for mobile home or residential use. Abiding by the laws that have been set by the HUD, it is apparent that a residential heater is not for a mobile home.

If you have a mobile home, take note of the fact that you are not allowed to install a regular water heater. When thinking of what to buy, look for a product that comes with HUD seal of approval, which means that it has been tested and certified to be allowed for mobile, manufactured, or modular homes.

As you think of what water heater should be purchased, you should also be aware of the local building codes from the area where you live. The laws can be different, so consult with the local authorities to be sure that what you are doing does not go against the law.


Now that you are done reading, I hope that you already have an understanding of the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater. The rules set by the HUD make it clear that the two heaters will be different. Become a law-abiding citizen and make sure to purchase only the water heater that is suitable for your needs.

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